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What is Equine Touch?


Equine Touch was developed in 1997 by one of Europe's leading soft tissue specialists and the originator of the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique, Jock Ruddock. Jock originally addressed the equine problems by transposing his VHT soft tissue moves from the human to the horse using his own unique aikido based muscular vibration move. Later however, after he was joined by his veterinary surgeon wife Ivana, he studied and researched the mechanics of the animal as well as the energy patterns and the emotional armor of the equine. He amended and evolved his approach to where the Equine Touch is now recognized as a premier equine care discipline taught world wide from Norway to New Zealand.


It is important to repeat that First and foremost the Equine Touch is not a 'therapy' under the definition by law which sates that 'Therapy' is defined as being the treatment to heal a specific medical problem by means other than surgical intervention. Similarly a 'therapist' is a person who tries to fix a specific problem usually under the direction or control of a licensed medical practitioner. The Equine Touch is quite simply a discipline, a set of pre ordained procedures that the student or practitioner applies to the horse no matter what problem the equine presents at the time. The fact that the equine is able to deal with long standing problems after a session of ET and that there is undeniably a remedial and therapeutic effect, wherein the horse is, as a result of its own innate healing system, freely able to process and ultimately dissolve unwanted structures while in the balanced state of homeostasis.


While having the unique ability to stand on its own as a positive corrective system at all levels, one of the most valuable assets of the Equine Touch is its total compatibility to work in a complementary and harmonious synergy with many recognized equine healing modalities including alopathic, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy oils and chiropractic. The Equine Touch is not only compatible with equine therapies but with all types of equine address such as trimming, shoeing, saddle fitting and correction, balanced riding, training, rehabilitation and nutrition, all essential elements in creating and maintaining stability and health in any horse.

Please go to the Equine Touch website and read more about this wonderful modality.  There are many testimonials from different people all over the world attesting to the success of Equine Touch

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