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Hands On Horses is a small part of the Equine Touch family that stretches across the globe.

I was raised on the ranch that I still live on.  My interest in horses has been with me all my life.  First as a part of my life that was always there, using them on the ranch for work and play, and on occasion for transportation to school when it was muddy.  It was in 4-H that I started to study on other aspects of having horses.  Since then I have been to schools, clinics, read books, anything to learn to ride better.  Not until I attended an Equine Touch clinic did I give much thought to being able to help a horse physically aside from the usual getting them fit, tending to cuts and bruises and rest or the vet for anything else.       

  Please visit the Equine Touch website for more information about this wonderful modality.

Hands On Horses was created because I believed enough in Equine Touch to stay with the  program to become a praticioner.  Along the way I have seen it help horses, dogs, calves, people and a cat.

Our Philosophy

Equine Touch is a gift to the horse.  While it works very well with standard veterinary care, chiropractic care, shoeing, acupuncture and acupressure, it has the unique ability to stand on its own as a positive modality at all levels. It addresses the horse as a whole and not just certain areas.

Hands On Horses * Zortman, Montana