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Hands On Horses
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Welcome to Hands on Horses!

Here in the heart of Montana, horse country.

The Equine TouchTM a unique, gentle bodywork.


Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, energy and connective soft tissue discipline which works at a completely holistic level; that is, it addresses the equine as a whole without paying any particular attention to any named problem as such. On a practical level it consists of a series of gentle moves performed over specific points in predetermined patterns which are interspersed with waiting periods to allow the equine to recognize and process the effects of these subtle procedures.

With apologies to Jock, this is straight from the horses mouth.


Hands On Horses
Zortman, Montana

Phone: (406) 673-3232

A content pair.


Please get in touch to offer comments or ask questions

Hands On Horses * Zortman, Montana